odin thirties

The Return of Ilsa

I was lying awake on my bunk, listening to the silence. Then I heard a high pitched whine, like a distant generator on overload. Suddenly, without warning a huge hole appeared in the wall opposite. I had taken to sleeping fully dressed. Then looking into the huge hole, not sure what to expect, I saw Ilsa approaching. I could see her in the light from the torch she held. Then she was inside the cell.

Ilsa told me she and Dr. Hagen had built a timespace vortex generator and it had created this tunnel into Elsewhen. Many things had changed there. Now they needed my help.

This will be the last entry in my journal, for the moment. I need to leave this place and return to Elsewhen. I will take my bag and my few belongings.

Ilsa is telling me we must leave in the next two minutes, and I have already packed. Now I must go.

odin thirties

This Place is Getting to me

I rarely dream of Ilsa anymore. In fact I don't remember my dreams, each day is separated by night, and the sound of the screaming. Dr. Crane has decided to put me on a special medication. He says it will fix my "problem". Well, fuck, it certainly fixed my memories of Ilsa.

Nobody says anything in here anymore. It is just an endless set of days without end, going on forever.
odin thirties

Two Face

Being charitable, I suppose Two Face gave what he could. I was waiting outside Harley's office for my three o'clock appointment. Harleen had been seeing Two Face, I guess so because Two Face came out her office flipping his coin and grinding his teeth. I tried to make some comment but he pushed past me muttering that he was going to kill Dr. Harleen.

I watched him walk down the corridor, behind him trudged one of the overweight guards. My guard grabbed my arm and hustled me into Harleen's office. I was in there for about twenty minutes. She questioned me incessantly about the tin of toffees, until finally I admitted they didn't exist, and it was all a game Dr. Crane and I were playing.

This made her eyes glaze over. I don't think she really understood that I was making things up as I went along.

I found a sheet of paper on the floor, and grabbing a pencil from her desk, quickly drew a cartoon of Two Face and Bruce fighting. I presented the drawing with a flourish, then announced I was leaving. Dr. Harleen called me back and told me she wasn't finished. She admitted to me she had Maxie Zeus at four and was dreading it.

I think Harleen has a thing for my good looks, or maybe it's a scheme to catch me unawares. We talked about the weather, then she made me identify 75 different Rorschach ink blots. By the time we had reached Number 66, she was in tears. Of laughter. I left and went back to my cell. I passed Jervis on the way.

Today has been a different routine, and I was not sure it made sense.
odin thirties

Two Plus?

Two new inmates have joined us: the Hatter, or to give him his true name Jervis; and former DA Harvey TwoFace Dent. TwoFace seems to be self assured and won't take any backchat, while Hatter seems to be inscrutable.
odin thirties


I found a photograph taken by Ilsa when I was in Elsewhen. I had joined the Free America Brigade. (The Resistance.) This picture was taken before the fire fight where I helped take out four trucks carrying Waffen SS, using rocket launchers. I was leading a squad of rednecks from the Deep South.
odin thirties

Random Images and Captions From A Book

I found a copy of an old book under my bunk. I don't know how long it had been there, but some of the images were quite odd. The captions had been added at a later date.

Now the figment of my imagination is telling me what I should do

Dr. Crane shouts at me

My cell mate

What happened during the time I was in Dr. Crane's waiting room

It occurred to me, whoever had written the captions was a previous inmate. A woman who identified with Alice Liddell...
odin thirties

(no subject)

It is quiet, too quiet. Dr. Crane came round this afternoon and went through my horde of stuff. He confiscated my tin of toffees. I am still amazed I kept them hidden so long.

Sugar has been very quiet. I think she is really upset about something or someone, but what do I know?

I think can smell Chilli, that means dinner is almost ready.
odin thirties

Sugar's Popcorn Shrimp

Don't ask me how, but I managed to get a special order of popcorn shrimp into the cell. I was looking forward to a meal different from the usual chilli we get here, but Sugar woke up while I was asleep and ate most of them.

I think she was hungry.