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The Diary of Odin Valentine

16 November
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Son of the newspaper magnate Sir Angus Valentine, I was born in Stirling, Scotland in 1962. After a private education, I went to America to
stay with my Uncle, Macalister Valentine, in Gotham City. There I studied an emergent branch of quantum physics, finally establishing a portal to a Mirror Universe
(or parallel dimension) which I describe as Elsewhen. It was during a trip to Elsewhen that I was captured by the Gestapo. In this universe, the Axis won
the Second World War. I was interrogated, of course. I knew very little of this world. The Gestapo were as confused as I was, so they let me go. However,
as a result of my experiences I became, shall we say, distrusting?

This journal is for a fictional character, and is intended solely for the purposes of role-playing.